Let our experience work for you. Echelon offers comprehensive fee-only financial advice and investment management for individuals, retirement plans, and small businesses that is transparent and without conflicts.


Echelon, founded in 2011, collaborates with its clients to provide objective, transparent financial advice and investment management.  Echelon is bound to the fiduciary standard.  We sit on the same side of the table with the client.


Echelon is committed to helping their clients navigate today’s sometimes tumultuous financial markets to protect and grow our clients’ wealth.



Echelon Investment Management is a Texas-based private wealth management firm that provides fee-based, customized client investment counsel, based on the client’s business, wealth and retirement goals. Echelon’s mission is to consistently enrich our clients’ lives by identifying, preserving and achieving their established financial and wealth objectives. Echelon’s team of experienced, knowledgeable and trusted advisors work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure every investment decision supports our clients’ futures.

Trust is the number one determinant of success in any relationship. For years, Echelon has worked to earn our clients’ trust. Our team cares about the individual dreams and goals of our clients. We always put the clients’ needs first and conduct business with integrity, honesty and truth. When new clients team up with our Echelon advisors, they benefit from one-on-one investment counsel expected from a boutique firm, as well as access to robust technology and services from Echelon’s custodial partnership with Charles Schwab Institutional Services including 401K PCRA accounts, and our relationship for ORP and 403(b) account management with Fidelity Management.

In addition, Echelon’s customer service is exactly what our clients expect… nimble, knowledgeable and personal. Our clients know our advisors on a personal level and investment decisions are made only after the advisor understands the client’s financial position and goals and how to best address those needs. Investing with Echelon is truly a team undertaking. We believe by working effectively together, we will glide across the finish line of financial security.



We offer investment advice tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our role is to serve as our clients’ trusted advisor for specific investment needs or for their overall financial position.

What’s at the finish line? The lifestyle our clients deserve now and in the future. Echelon’s clientele of small business owners and their companies, entrepreneurs, successful corporate business leaders, including professional service providers and retirees, benefit from a robust platform of financial solutions, including:

  • Investment Management
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning
  • Alternative Investments for qualified investors including select private equity and venture capital opportunities
  • 401k’s and other retirement plans including PRCA’s
  • Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and 403(b) account management for professional educators


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What services does the adviser offer?

Echelon Investment Management typically offers investment management and financial planning services. As part of investment management, we manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis and performs rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting.

How is the adviser compensated?

Echelon is fee based.

Does the adviser receive commissions from products recommended to me?


Is the adviser a fiduciary?

Echelon is a fiduciary and we have to do what’s in your best interest. We do not take custody of your assets. We have custodial agreements with firms, such as Fidelity and Schwab, where your account will reside and will be in your name. You’ll have online access to your account and receive statements from the custodian. Our interests are aligned with yours. we are fee-based and receive no commissions. our success is directly derived from your success. Your portfolio reflects your needs. we go thru a risk assessment process to ascertain your tolerance for risk and then based on that and conversations with you build a portfolio. Our portfolios are dynamic in nature, meaning we constantly monitor the economy and markets to ensure your portfolio remains on plan with your goals. We are always in touch. our regular practice is to sit down with each client after the end of each quarter with a report that clearly shows you your portfolio’s performance for the previous quarter and year to date. in addition to being able to view your account online thru your custodians’ website, we have an agreement with Tamarac for you to view your account and see metrics for it and each position.

How often can I expect the adviser to communicate with me about my investments?

Echelon conducts quarterly portfolio reviews in person or over video conferences. We also send you regular updates on markets and initiate contact if there are changes necessary to your portfolio or financial plans. In addition, you can reach out to us at any time if you have any questions.

Does the adviser you take custody of my assets?

Echelon Investment Management does not take custody of your assets, as defined by the SEC. The firm however has trading discretion over the assets that it manages for you.

How does Echelon manage portfolios?

Each portfolio is designed with attention to the personal situation of the client. Through conversations with each client, we ascertain their personal risk tolerance, their acceptance of portfolio volatility, who they are and what their goals may be. In some instances, we use questionnaires to confirm risk tolerance. We manage all portfolios with a global view. Portfolios contain mutual funds and exchange traded funds that hold domestic and foreign securities. These portfolios typically have a domestic large, mid and small cap equity component, a foreign equity component and then a fixed income allocation. Our portfolios are dynamic in nature, meaning we constantly monitor the economy and markets to ensure your portfolio remains on plan with your goals. Our research sources include: Morningstar, independent and nationally recognized. Through our subscription to Morningstar Advisor Workstation, we have access to their analysts’ research which covers over 25,000 mutual funds, 2400 ETFs and 20,0000 plus stocks. They have tools that allow us to search and screen their research universe to find the investments with the characteristics we desire in a specific investment and then place those in a hypothetical portfolio to determine suitability for each individual portfolio. Morningstar also gives the ability to forecast wealth accumulation for retirement and the probability of a client reaching those goals under their current circumstances and retirement needs. Quantitative Analysis We also subscribe to a well-known private analyst that performs quantitative analysis to determine market investment bullish or bearish parameters, possible outcomes and potential best performing equity sectors. We also follow many publicly available sources of economic and market research, through our custodian agreements with Schwab, Fidelity and others, we have access to all their tools to research and build portfolios.

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