07.23 Mental Accounting: Our Motivations Behind Spending and Saving

We are all more human than otherwise. We don’t behave rationally with money. Our brain plays tricks on us. We have emotions.

You find a $10 bill on the street. How do you feel? Found money? Free money! The brain … Read More

07.15 Events in Greece, China & Iran: Oh My Investors!

Greek Financial Crisis

When looking at your investments, short term returns can be quite volatile and are often influenced by events that are completely out of the investor’s control.

This is evidenced by market volatility in recent weeks due primarily to events in … Read More

07.02 Energy Markets: Economics 101 to the Rescue

For the past year the world investment community has been largely focused on the oversupply or glut in oil brought about by increased production from North America. A popular number that has often been quoted is the world was oversupplied … Read More

06.17 Are Salespeople Investment Advisors?

One of the big issues in the investment world is a change proposed by The Department of Labor (DOL) in the definition of fiduciary under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) that would broadly expand the scope of those … Read More

06.11 Are You Ready for the Next Bear Market?

“I never buy within 20% of the [market’s] bottom or sell within 20% of the top, but there is a lot of money to be made in between.” – Bernard Baruch

We have been in a raging bull market since … Read More

06.04 Did the Oil Glut Just Disappear?

In 2014, OPEC’s stated production quota was set at 30 million barrels per day and overall the average production by OPEC was close to that number. OPEC’s production in March and April of 2015 suddenly jumped to 30.8 million barrels … Read More

05.20 The Forest for the Trees: Portfolio Checkup

It’s easy for investors to fall into the trap of focusing too much on short-term data and other market noise and to lose sight of the big picture when it comes to evaluating portfolio decisions. For example, a recent Wall … Read More

05.14 Having the Credit Card Talk With New Graduates

Don’t invite me to be your graduation speaker. Seriously. My address would be, “Credit Cards are the Devil’s Spawn!” Hear the yawns?

Yet it should be required for every graduating senior in the country. Legions of fresh victims turn 18 … Read More

05.07 The Coming Natural Gas Export Revolution

While exports of liquefied natural gas (LNGs) are expected to commence by the 4th quarter of 2015, there is a quiet export revolution already occurring in the state of Texas. Pipelines running from the Eagle Ford Shale are exporting … Read More

04.15 Q1 2015: Market Volatility Rules the Day

“You can take me to paradise, and then again you can be cold as ice.”  –  Fleetwood Mac

Although the S&P 500 ended the first quarter of 2015 up just less than 1%, there were plenty of volatile trading days Read More