10.29 Investing in Bonds vs. Stocks

“If you want to get rich, buy stocks. If you want to stay rich, buy bonds.” – Anonymous

The late Barton Biggs’s Wealth, War and Wisdom asked if any investment at the start of the 20th century would still be … Read More

10.14 Young People, Risk and the Benefit of Saving Early

We know that teens take risks, but we may not know why or that this tendency can continue even to our thirties. This is important for parents who waste much breath—and for growing money, too.

A recent New Yorker article … Read More

10.12 Third Quarter Market Update: Volatility Rules

Turning the calendar over to the month of October in the market means 75 percent of the trading days for the year are now in the rear view mirror and there are just a few months left to close out … Read More

09.21 Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged: Where is the Market Going Next?

“Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.”  – Wayne Gretzky

Markets have been volatile the last few weeks as investors attempted to structure their portfolios in anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s rate decision coming … Read More

09.10 The Stock Market: Reacting Today vs. Staying the Course

“In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, a weighing machine.” – Ben Graham, Warren Buffett’s teacher at Columbia and the founder of modern value investing

All our lives we make quick decisions. … Read More

08.27 Retirement Planning for Professional Educators: The Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and 403(b)

Professional educators are allowed many investment opportunities including:

  • Optional Retirement Program (ORP) – This program is a defined contribution plan governed by Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b). Benefits are based on the performance of the investments selected and are controlled
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08.19 Balancing Act: Can Your Portfolio Handle Market Imbalances?

In recent weeks, the stock market has been volatile due to a string of events in China, Greece and over concerns about when the Federal Reserve will begin normalizing interest rates. Investors worry that the very low interest rates of … Read More

08.03 U.S. Equity Market Mid-Year Update

The first half of 2015 is now in the books, and will go down as another slightly positive start to the year, at least for the S&P 500 Index. With that said, the positive return for the U.S. equity Read More