04.08 What is Risk, Really?

Once upon a time there was a New York City money manager who earned his clients 12 percent, year in and year out, for decades. He snared crowds of rich folks because of his dependable secret method. At 12 percent … Read More

04.02 Why the Rig Count Matters

In a famous Peanuts cartoon Lucy explains with a barrage of data why Charlie Brown’s baseball team has lost every game, to which an exasperated Charlie Brown finally exclaims, “Lucy, tell your statistics to shut up!”

So with apologies, I … Read More

03.17 Bond Market: Coming Zombie Apocalypse?

I recently read an article in The 10th Man section of the Mauldin Economics website called “The Crazy Man’s Guide to the Bond Market”.

As zombie movie fans may know, The 10th Man is a concept … Read More

03.03 Deja vu all over again – NASDAQ 5000

The NASDAQ Index closed over 5000 yesterday. It took 15 years to get back to this high watermark. From 1998 through 2002, just 5 years, the NASDAQ Index rose from 1,500 up to over 5,000, and then back down … Read More

02.26 Prepping to be Retirement-Ready

We have just experienced our annual Icemaggedon/Sleetmaggedon/Snowmaggedon in Dallas this week. It always makes me chuckle how people kind of freak out about a forecasted and anticipated event every winter. Everyone has to run out and stock up with groceries, … Read More

02.18 The Art of Choosing an Investment Advisor

I recently went to lunch with one of our advisors that offices in Fort Worth, Texas. We decided on the café at the Kimbell Art Museum. After lunch we took the opportunity to view the museum’s impressionist exhibition on … Read More

02.11 Your Children, Buffett and the Other Golden Rule: Rule of 72

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Albert Einstein

In 1956, 26-year-old investing legend Warren Buffett returned to his hometown of Omaha from New … Read More

02.05 Is a comeback in oil prices on the horizon?

In the famous scene in the movie Rockie, a bruised and bloody Rockie says “Cut me Mick!” Rockie goes on to win the fight. The energy industry is in the same bruised and battered state but is laying the ground … Read More